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Die Wunder des Hl. Franz Xaver by Peter Paul Rubens




Anima Ignatiana
Jesuit Review
Ignatian Prayers
Other Jesuits' Prayers
The Spritual Exercises

Anima Ignatiana

The Spiritual Exercises
The End of Man

Jesuit Review

1st Installment (the Spiritual Exercises)
2nd Installment (the Discernment of Spirits)
3rd Installment (1st Principle and Foundation)
4th Installment (2 Standards)
5th Installment (Finding God in All Things)
6th Installment (Disponibility)
7th Installment (Contemplatives in Action)
8th Installment (Jesuit Novitiate)
9th Installment (Jesuit Formation)
10th Installment (Jesuit Education Apostolate)

Ignatian Prayers

Anima Christi (Soul of Christ...)
Teach Me To Be Generous
Preparatory Prayer (Before the Exercises)
To Understand The True End Of Man
To Excite Myself To Repentance
Colloquy On God's Mercy And Compassion
The Triple Colloquy Concerning Sin
That I May Obey Jesus' Call
For Assistance In Contemplating
To Be Received Under The Standard Of Christ
On The Three Classes
To Attain The Three Degrees Of Humility
Before Making My Resolutions
In Times Of Desolation
That I May Unite Myself With The Lord's Sufferings
To Our Lord Jesus Christ Risen From The Dead
To Excite Love For God
Suscipe, Domine (Take, Lord, Receive...)

Other Jesuits' Prayers

What I see... (From an early Jesuit prayer book)
Cleanse me from my hidden ills (Saint Robert Bellarmine)
To the Blessed Virgin Mary (traditional Jesuit prayer)
Vow of Noel Chabanel
The act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
A prayer of Saint Francis Xavier (from Cochin, 1549)
Center of Our Hearts (Saint Claude La Colombiere)
My Mother (Saint Aloysius Gonzaga)
Mary, My Advocate (Saint John Berchmans)
Consolation of the Cross (Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez)
New Life - Death to Sin (Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez)
O Deus Ego Amo Te (Saint Francis Xavier)
Vow Formula of the Society of Jesus

The Spritual Exercises

The Spritual Exercises (full Mullan translation in pdf)
The Exercises in Pictures


Recent Additions
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