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Die Wunder des Hl. Ignatius von Loyola by Peter Paul Rubens



Recent Additions

Sunday - VII - 20 - 2008 Anima Ignatiana - The Ignatian Spirit: A collection of Saint Ignatius' thoughts on a variety of topics.

Saturday - X - 02 - 2007 Jesuit Review 8th, 9th and 10th installments: Parts eight through ten of the series are available. Check them out!

Saturday - IX - 09 - 2007 Jesuit Review 7th installment: Part seven of the series is available. This one includes Contemplatives in Action, Saint Francis Xavier and Father Richard Hermes, S.J.

Saturday - IX - 01 - 2007 Jesuit Review 6th installment: Part six of the series is available. Learn about Disponibility, Saint Peter Claver and Jesuit scholastic Brian Reedy, S.J.

Saturday - VIII - 25 - 2007 Jesuit Review 5th installment: Part five of the series is available. This time we cover Finding God in All Things, Saint Jean deBr├ębeuf and Jesuit scholastic Joseph Hill, S.J.

Saturday - VIII - 18 - 2007 Jesuit Review 4th installment: Part four of the series is available. Subject matter includes the Two Standards, Saint Paul Miki and Jesuit scholastic Aaron Pidel, S.J.

Sunday - VIII - 12 - 2007 Link to Use the new web site logo to point others to

Friday - VIII - 10 - 2007 Jesuit Review 3rd installment: Part three of the series is available. Subject matter includes the First Principle and Foundation, Saint Edmund Campion and Father Joseph Carola, S.J.

Friday - VIII - 03 - 2007 Jesuit Review 2nd installment: Part two of the series is available. This time, see a little more on the discernment of spirits, Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez and an interview with Father William Huete, S.J.

Tuesday - VII - 31 - 2007 Jesuit Review: a web video series introducing Ignatian Spirituality, Jesuit history and contemporary Jesuits.

Monday - VII - 02 - 2007 Site Redesign: a redesign of the entire website. If you find a bug, let me know.

Monday - VII - 02 - 2007 Introduction to Ignatian Prayers: an introduction to the Ignatian Prayers, explaining where they come from.

Monday - VII - 02 - 2007 Exercises in Pictures: Thanks to the late Father Joseph MacDonnell, S.J. you can now find some very old illustrations of key moments in the Spiritual Exercises.