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The first Companions of Jesus: stained glass



Vow of Noel Chabanel

My Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the admirable dispositions of divine providence, has willed that I should be a helper of the Holy apostles of this Huron vineyard, entirely unworthy though I be, drawn by the desire to cooperate with the designs which the Holy Ghost has upon me for the conversion of the savage Hurons to the faith; I, Noel Chabanel, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament of Sacred Body and most Precious Blood, which is the Testament of God with man, vow perpetual stability in this Huron mission; it being understood that all this is subject to the dictates of the superiors of the Society of Jesus, who may dispose of me as they wish. I pray, then, Oh Lord, that you will deign to accept me as a permanent servant in this mission and that you will render me worthy of so sublime a ministry. Amen.