last modified: Tuesday - III - 4 - 2003   

Saint Ignatius Loyola: Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome



Prayer To Our Lord Jesus Christ Risen from the Dead

Grant me, 0 Jesus, the grace I seek in this meditation on Thy glorious Resurrection; it is that I may rejoice with Thee, that I may exult over, and participate in, Thy joy and Thy glory.

How beautiful art Thou, 0 my well-beloved! How beautiful and radiant are the wounds in Thy hands and Thy feet! And still more beautiful and still more radiant is the wound in Thy Sacred Heart! What ineffable sweetness, what light in Thy words! Happy Peter, happy Magdalene! Still happier thou, 0 Blessed Mother of our Lord, united to Him in the glory of His triumph!

Let me contemplate, 0 my Jesus, the splendor of Thy Divinity. It seemed to hide itself during Thy Passion, but now that Thou art risen, how clearly does it shine, how evident It is to me as I recognize and confess It, and the truth and holiness of Thy presence, and of Thy apparitions which brought such peace and consolation with them!

What so overjoys and fills me with gratitude in contemplating Thee, 0 Lord Jesus, is the loving care Thou hast to bring consolation to Thy servants. This tender care and loving thought for those who are Thine fills me with a great joy, and deep love and gratitude. 0 Jesus Christ, the consoler, Thou who so well knowest how to fulfill this office, this royal ministry of Thy love; how immense is the difference, how great the contrast between what friends can say to console their friends, and what Thou sayest and dost to console Thy disciples!

O Divine Consoler, be Thou my consoler! Give to me that true consolation, that consolation which is the increase of Faith, of Hope, and of Charity.

I congratulate thee, 0 most Holy Virgin Mother, on Thy happiness, and I participate in Thy joy.

Regina Coeli...

I adore Thee, 0 Jesus, in the glory of Thy Resurrection, in the immutability of Thy beautitude, and I consecrate myself to Thee anew, my Savior and my King.

Glory be to the Father...