last modified: Tuesday - III - 4 - 2003   

Saint Ignatius Loyola: Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome



Prayer Before Making My Resolutions

Grant, O Lord, to the eyes of my understanding the light of a pure, upright, and single intention; may I always be mindful of the end for which Thou hast created me: Thy glory and my eternal salvation. Help me, O God, to keep this end in view, enlighten my spirit, and incline my will towards the resolutions I should make.

Before proceeding to my decision, I will with Thy help behold present to me in Heaven the throne of the most Holy Trinity, of my Redeemer and Savior, the most blessed Virgin Mary, the Angels, Saints, and all the Elect of God.

May my resolutions have their approval and assent! Above all, O my Creator and my God, I beseech Thee to communicate Thyself to my soul, and to bind it by ever closer ties to Thee and to Thy holy service.

Grant me the grace to come to my decision and to act, as I should act if I were now at the hour of my death, as I should counsel another, a stranger, or a friend, to act under similar circumstances to mine, to decide as at the day of judgment, before Thy tribunal, I should then wish I had now decided.

Before all, O my God, impress well upon my mind this important maxim, that the measure of my progress in spiritual things will be that of my abnegation of self, and that so much the more as I shall go out of myself, as I shall trample on my self-love, my self-will, my natural disposition, as I shall ignore and leave behind me that self, so much the more closely shall I approach to Thee, be united to and resemble Thee.

O Lord, if thou hast approved of my decision, if it is agreeable to Thee, accept and bless it, confirm me in it, and grant to me steadfastly to persevere in it, in peace of mind, without regrets or doubts, to Thy greater honor and glory. Amen.