last modified: Tuesday - III - 4 - 2003   

Saint Ignatius Loyola: Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome



Prayer To Attain the Three Degrees of Humility

1. My Lord, I beseech of Thee to grant me a grace absolutely necessary for the eternal salvation of my soul. It is that I may always have sufficient humility, dependence and submission to obey in all things Thy holy law, and that I may never hesitate before an order, or break any command of Thine, or of those appointed by Thee to command me, which obliges me, under pain of mortal sin, not even if by so doing I might preserve my life or obtain possession of the whole world. May I sacrifice my life, or renounce the empire of the entire world before I willingly transgress any of Thy precepts!

2. Lord, I ask of Thee a greater grace than that of never offending Thee by mortal sin: may I always have sufficient humility and submission never to give way to the temptation of committing a single deliberate venial sin, even if by so doing I might save my life or acquire possession of the whole world! My heart will falter; it will often hesitate before the thought of venial sin, if it is not indifferent between riches and poverty, between honor and shame, between life and death. Grant me, O God, this perfect indifference of soul.

3. O Lord, I ask of Thee a still greater grace than that of never offending Thee by venial sin. May my soul be so humble, so entirely submissive, that it may no longer have aught but one desire: to imitate Thee and to follow Thee, its Lord and its God.

Even if the interests of the glory of God are not involved or affected, in order to resemble more closely our Lord Jesus Christ, I will and desire to be poor with Jesus Christ in His poverty rather than to be rich, since Jesus Christ was not rich. I will and desire to be covered with ignominy rather than to be honored by the world, since Jesus Christ was not honored by it. I will and desire to be looked upon as a being useless to all, of little interest, of little repute, of little influence, of little learning and wisdom, since such was the estimation in which the world held our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grant me, O Lord. to arrive at this third and highest degree of perfection, and the grace of a perfect renunciation of myself after Thine example.