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Saint Ignatius Loyola: Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome



Colloquy on God's Mercy and Compassion - Thanksgiving of the Sinner

O Lord God, Thou art infinitely wise, I adore Thee who hast borne with my ignorance; Thou art infinitely just, I adore Thee who hast not chastised my iniquity; Thou art infinitely powerful, I adore Thee who hast deigned to spare my weakness; Thou art infinitely good, I adore Thee who hast pardoned me all my malice and sins.

I thank Thee that the Angels, who are the avenging swords of Thy justice, have not slain me. I thank Thee because the Saints, who are Thy friends, have prayed and made intercession for me who was Thine enemy. I thank Thee that Thy heavens, Thy stars, Thy sun, have not refused to shine on me. I thank Thee for having placed the whole of creation at my service; I have caused it to groan beneath the burden of my sin, and yet it has not risen up against me. I thank Thee that the very earth has not opened beneath my feet to precipitate me into the lowest depths of hell, where I indeed deserve to be eternally.

I behold before me, O my God, the mystery of the infinite abyss of Thy mercy. I return Thee thanks for having preserved my life until this day, for having granted to me repentance for my sins; how great has been and how incomprehensible remains Thy pity for me!

Pardon me, O perfections of my God, for having preferred imperfect and vile creatures to Thee! Pardon me, O justice of my God, for having outraged Thee by my crimes! Pardon me, O holiness of my God, pardon me for having so long stained the purity of Thy sight by my sins! Pardon me, O mercy of my God, for having so long despised Thy merciful voice! In deep sorrow and contrition I cast myself at Thy feet, - have mercy on me!

"Show mercy to a poor penitent, whom Thou hast so long spared in his impenitence."
(St. Bernard.)