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ANIMA IGNATIANA - The Ignatian Spirit


The great majority of what I have in these pages comes from two books which, I assume, had a similar aim. The books are:
The Heart of Ignatius
- The Ignatian Concepts of the Honor and Service of God -
By Paul Doncour, S.J.
Translated by Henry St. C Lavin, S.J.
1959 Helicon Press, Baltimore Maryland
(First Published in France by A. L’Orante under the title L’Honneur et Service de Dieu selon Saint Ignace de Loyola)
The Spirit of Saint Ignatius
- The thoughts, feelings, words, and actions of the Founder of the Society, collected and arranged -
Translated from the French of Father Xavier De Franciosi, S.J.
1906 Burns and Oats, London
I have edited very little, only omitting introductory statements that I thought were unneeded. I also included better notes on the original sources. These sources are still poorly noted; it is my intention to expand upon them when I am within arms reach of the original French books with real notes! Until then, my apologies to anyone trying to hunt down when and where any of this was originally written.
In addition to the two books mentioned above, I have also taken material from the Mullan translation of the Spiritual Exercises. This translation seemed better to me than the translations used in the (originally) French books.
I intend to add content from various sources as it comes to me and as I have time to include it on the web site. If you have anything interesting, send it my way!


The Spiritual Exercises

The End of Man